7/19/08 Headlines: Full of festivals; Growing kids in the garden; Fighting employment fraud; Bachmann vs. Planned Parenthood


A summer full of festivals
by Marion Gómez, TC Daily Planet
Be sure to check out some of these free and exciting festivals happening in a neighborhood near you in the weeks to come, starting with Rondo Days, Lake Street Festival, Fallout Arts Fest, Colombian Independence Day, the Sister City Festival, and Highland Fest this weekend.

Growing healthier kids and communities, in the gardens
by Clara Peterson, Special to Minnesota 2020
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7/12/08 Headlines: Peak of the season; Hamline Midway Council; Surreal gallery in Northeast Minneapolis; Library budget axed


Minnesota farmers markets hit peak
by Michael Arnst, Minnesota 2020
With the planting season now behind us, we can begin to enjoy the fruits and vegetables of our farmers’ and growers’ labor. Farmers markets are hitting their midsummer stride with strawberries just past peak and the first tomatoes just weeks away.

Looking to the future with an eye on the past – Hamline Midway Coalition – District 11 Planning Council
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