Community Voices: ‘We deserve better’ Minneapolis’ Ward 4 elections and possibility

This November, residents of Minneapolis’ Ward 4 will have an opportunity to elect a
representative on the Minneapolis City Council.

City Council Member Barb Johnson, a 20-year incumbent and city council president, took office after her mother. Her family has held this seat for 46 consecutive years. Johnson is arguably the most conservative member of the council, and with our weak mayoral system, holds an incredible amount of power both individually and institutionally. This November could change that. Continue Reading

Community Voices: On white-passing in greater Minnesota

I am a product of colonization. I am also a product of resistance. My heritage is that of the people who historically – and yes, still do – inhabit Minnesota: the Dakota people. I also have white ancestry, which is what presents itself on my skin and my face. In many ways I find this to be a metaphor for colonization itself—whiteness resting itself upon Indigenous blood and bones. Continue Reading

Community Voices: Student video shows personal and political toll of ex-offender disenfranchisement

In this video, created by South High VOICES students Keeler Gonzalez, Lindsey Morris and Marie Berlovitz, local voting rights advocates discuss how ex-offender disenfranchisement makes it more difficult for felons to rehabilitate and reintegrate into community, and how the practice also disproportionately affects people of color. Continue Reading