“Catch Me If You Can”: Catch this poem if you can


Frank Abagnale Junior,

A con man perhaps?

Left home at sixteen,

And forged many checks


A pilot once,

A doctor, then lawyer

His careers changed often,

Unknown to employers


A good-looking boy,

Charming in fashion

His falsetto, though wavered

Was truly impassioned


Frank’s girl Brenda

Had quite lovely pipes

Her song had me weeping

A love of the winsome type


Hanratty chased him,

A special bond grew

They shared a heart warming scene

Before jail came to view


To begin I was bored,

Maybe even glum

The actors seemed average

Perhaps a bit numb


Same story for the voices

They started quite plain

But as they settled in

My weariness waned


The costumes were grand,

Flashy like Broadway

The lights did their job,

Enhancing the play


My favorite part,

Might have been,

The ridiculous note

Frank hit near the end


A charming display

Of a very true story!

I recommend you see Frank

In all of his glory


All in all, the show had me moved

Bring the tots,

Bring the ‘rents!

The smiles will be lots.