Card shark—Guthrie edition 1 and 2


by Matthew A. Everett • July 20, 2008 • One my day jobs is in the box office at the big blue theater by the river. One perk, every year when the Fringe programs are first being printed, a stack ends up at Stage Door, before it appears in City Pages. For a Fringe addict, such as myself, this is manna from heaven. (Yes, I know, there are no words for how sad I am, nonetheless…)

Another perk, seeing which show cards make their way to Stage Door as well. Not an easy drop off. Normally it means someone knows somebody. So it’s fun to see what pops up.

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First time I checked…

Kafka’s Disgusting Tale of Transformation – a Buffoon’s Metamorphosis

One Missed Step – which, frankly, is ironic, since I nearly skipped over the card because “Minnesota Fringe Festival” – isn’t anywhere on the front of the card – neither name nor logo (oops – the dates made me look twice but, honestly, that may cost them in terms of being overlooked… I even second guessed it for a second here, typing the blog entry, even though I knew I must have picked it up for a reason. Nice picture and everything, but, oops – thankfully the Fringe moniker appears a couple of places on the back – so, not two missed steps at least – they are indeed in the festival, don’t pass ’em by)

Secrets of the Little Yellow Diary


When I looked today, another had joined them

Great American Horror Movie Musical – GAHMM

and, oddly enough, this thing called

“The Bronze Bitch Flies At Noon” and “Dog Tag”

Hmmmm, wonder how they got there?

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