CARAG revitalization moving forward


The CARAG Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) Phase 2 efforts are underway! CARAG neighbors kicked off a series of neighborhood improvement projects in March by creating task groups for each issue. Volunteers are still needed to make these projects happen, especially for the Crime and Safety and Seniors task force groups. Please consider joining a group to help your community.

Here’s what the task groups will be doing this summer:

Transportation Task Group

This group exists to promote and facilitate alternative transportation modes and reduce use of and reliance on automobiles in CARAG. The task force is focusing on policy and forming relationships with other neighborhoods, city and county transportation groups. Check out the Transportation blog on the CARAG website for the meeting schedule and conversations.

Seniors Task Group

CARAG and the Southwest Senior Center will partner in an intergenerational week-long summer program in July for seniors and school-age children on story-telling, music and art projects. Large group and one-on-one activities will encourage cross-generational connections.

Housing Task Group

Significant NRP funds will be made available for CARAG property owners to make exterior home improvements. However, the task group must first set up criteria and administration for the program that will begin in summer or early fall. Look for updates on the CARAG website.

Energy audits through the Community Energy Services program are still available to CARAG homeowners. The CARAG NRP program reimburses residents $30 for the audit fee after completion of the audit. See the CARAG website for additional information.

Crime and Safety Task Group

CARAG is hiring a part time Crime and Safety Coordinator to prevent and reduce crime and increase neighborhood involvement in crime prevention. Primary areas of focus will be on organizing apartment and additional block clubs and resuscitating the CARAG Stroll Patrol.

Mural projects

Two exciting mural projects are planned for this summer. CARAG and the VOA- Southwest Seniors Center received a graffiti prevention micro-grant from the City for a mosaic mural project on the exterior of the Bryant Avenue Market. Another mural art project through Aldrich Arts Collaborative will hold art workshops for youth through July and culminate in another mural and a gallery event in front of the mural. The location for this mural is still undecided. If you know of an exterior “canvas” that you would like to nominate, please contact the CARAG office. Look for more details on getting involved in these art projects in the future issues of UNN and on the CARAG website.

If you are interested in any of the task groups, please contact the CARAG office at 612.823.2520 or at To see the progress of task groups, the NRP Phase 2 plan and updates on meetings, please visit the CARAG website at

Carol Bouska lives in CARAG and serves on the CARAG Board.