Capitulating to bigotry, Democrats become bigots themselves


I don’t see much difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. The Democrats are just more polite and cordial when it comes to expressing their bigotry.

Case in point: The Democrats participate in the anti-Muslim sentiment in this country when they escort two Muslim women off the stage in Joe Louis Arena in Detroit with the lame excuse that “because of a sensitive political environment, Obama should not be photographed with Muslims wearing head scarves.”

The Democrats are just as shameless as the Republicans in what they will do to get as many votes as possible. So, are they succumbing to the anti-Muslim bigotry, or are they bigots themselves?

The Democrats are afraid of Muslim women wearing scarves — and these are the people who are going to get us out of Iraq? A real courageous bunch; instead of facing the problem head on, they become bigots themselves and reinforce the Muslim bashing in America.

Maybe this “unity and inclusion” is meant to kick in after this election. Maybe once the Democrats are in the White House they will apologize: “Sorry about that, Muslim world, but hatred in America is more powerful than all of us, even us good guys the Democrats. We had to bow down to get elected.

“It just wasn’t safe for Obama to be around Muslims before the election, but you can come to the White House anytime you want now that the election is over. It’s not us, it was them — they drove us to behave that way, really, and the problem is them.”

These big-time political campaigns are just ruthless; they have grown out of control. By catering to the anti-Muslim bigots in an attempt to get their votes, votes they shouldn’t be chasing in the first place, the Democrats are excused from practicing what they preach and become bigots themselves.

I don’t care how big or important the Democrats believe the prize to be, the treatment of human beings can never be compromised in the quest to obtain it. They are deliberately selling Muslims down the river, treating them not as humans but as expendable objects.

The Democrats’ approach endangers all Muslims. With the White House at stake, the Democrats feel it is acceptable to trample on the rights and the humanity of the Muslim community in America.

The Democrats, thinking they are part of the solution, are carrying on in a way that lets hatred continue and flourish. You cannot be racist and treat Muslims like they are diseased because you are trying to get a racist out of the White House.

They are sacrificing the Muslim community for the White House. That is no different from Iraq, putting the prize before the people and sacrificing people to the prize.

You do not get to be the party of tolerance and unity simply by saying it. When they shun and avoid the Muslims, they criminalize all Muslims. How is this lost on Democrat voters?

In these oh-so-scary times, such tactics are seen as necessary and acceptable to get the job done. What arrogance, to think that your mission is of such importance and goodness that you feel justified selling people down the river.

Frank Erickson lives in Minneapolis.