Campaign notebook: Presidential visits?


With the early primaries over, the attention of the remaining presidential candidates now turns to Super-Duper-Tsunami Tuesday, just eight days away. This includes Minnesota, and for the first time in a very long time, the North Star State will play a significant role in deciding the nominees of both major parties.

It’s a political junkie’s dream.

Democratic candidate John Edwards will be in town tomorrow, speaking at the Carpenter’s Hall in St. Paul at 7 p.m. Barack Obama’s campaign just sent out a press release stating that Obama will be in town on Saturday, Feb. 2 to campaign. Republican John McCain’s website does not list events beyond the end of January, and Mitt Romney’s site only shows primary and caucus dates right now.

What will Feb. 5 look like in Minnesota as a result? If the early states are any indication, turnout to DFL caucuses should be a bit higher than that at the Republicans’. A competitive race for the Senate endorsement means Democrats across the state have a reason to show up to caucus, and especially in the 3rd District, a competitive House race adds to that fervor. In the past, high-turnout DFL caucuses have been met with a good deal of derision at the lack of organization and long-term capacity-building; DFL officials have said numerous times they are actively preparing for a big day.