Cami returns


For more than 20 years, the smiling, bikini-clad woman in the red Porsche convertible overlooked Interstate 94. First raised to her perch to promote a used car lot, Camden’s girl in the car – aka Cami – was a Twin Cities commuter landmark. The property’s new owner, Impact Mailing & Fulfillment, felt it was time for Cami to be revamped.

Taken down in March, Cami and her red Porsche convertible were painted and redressed, and placed back on her 30-foot perch overlooking the Mississippi River and I-94 on October 19. An I-94 and Camden neighborhood icon, Cami is sporting a new sun hat and bright yellow rain slicker, and in the next few months “temporary” accessories will be added to Cami and her car in celebration of Impact Mailing’s 25th anniversary.

Cami sat in her red Porsche convertible above I-94 greeting passing motorists since the 1980s, previously dressed in a bikini. With a view of the Mississippi River and I-94, Cami greets Minneapolis commuters on a daily basis. As to the biblical notation – it’s part of Impact Mailing’s Company Values Document.