Cambridge neighborhood hosts city event to establish community


The housing slump that has hit the country has left many new housing developments looking like virtual ghost towns where new, modern and vibrant communities were promised. But one new housing development on the grounds of the former Minnesota state hospital in Cambridge is moving ahead in building a sense of community this summer.

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Heritage Greens, a local housing development, is hosting this summer what is called “Cambridge events in the park.” These events include movies in the park, library sponsored book readings and live concerts. In addition more physically active events will be included with programs like Fitness in the Park, and Dancing under the stars. The events are free with the funding coming from non-profit organizations, local businesses and the Cambridge City council. All the events included will take place in the neighborhood’s Central Park location.

The slated events this summer coincide with the neighborhood’s community based design that differs from most of the other “suburbia” style developments that have popped up in corn fields in the area in the last decade. “We have home styles for every stage of life. We want our neighborhood to consist of people of all ages like the old traditional neighborhoods versus the new suburban neighborhoods, which consist primarily of the same age group,” says Jodi Bryant marketer and resident of Heritage Greens. “All of our homes have front porches, which creates a very community type of living because homeowners ‘hang out’ in their front yards and get to know their neighbors rather than being secluded on a back deck,” said Bryant.

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