Cam Gordon: Community activist and Green labor ally


“I really support the values and principles organized labor has for creating better-paying jobs for working people,” says Cam Gordon, Ward 2 City Council member. Ward 2 straddles the Mississippi River in southeast and south Minneapolis.

Gordon is the lone Green Party member on the Minneapolis City Council. He first won election four years ago, beating the DFL and labor-endorsed candidate.

Since taking office, Gordon has become one of the most principled labor allies on the Council. “It was a commitment I made to myself,” he says. “I wanted to be able to demonstrate I was a friend and ally to organized labor.”

“There’s a great opportunity for partnership between environmentalists and labor,” he notes, citing  projects like an initiative to install solar panels on the Convention Center.

Ward 2 includes five hospitals, where SEIU sought Gordon’s help to gain access to the worksite. Gordon also successfully helped block a fellow council member’s effort to enact “quiet zones” around the hospitals, a move Gordon feared could be used to prohibit picketing by labor unions.

Gordon is a teacher of by profession, working in public and private schools.

Gordon is a nearly life-long Minneapolis resident and a graduate of Minneapolis West High School and the University of Minnesota. He lives with his family in Seward Neighborhood, where he was a leader of Seward Neighborhood Group and the Seward Neighborhood Revitalization Program.


Cam Gordon