Bruininks asks for transportation hub


The Stadium Village light-rail station may provide riders with more than just a place to hop on the train.

In a formal letter sent to Congress, University of Minnesota President Bob Bruininks listed a number of infrastructure projects that could be started quickly if funding for higher education is built-into the economic stimulus package. Included is a proposed $ 36 million multimodal transportation center, which would serve as a hub for all forms of transportation in Stadium Village.

“The proposed facility would provide a park-and-ride location for light rail, connect light rail with buses from all over the metropolitan area, and serve the many bicycle commuters who ride to campus each day with shower, repair and storage facilities,” according to Bruininks’s letter.

The letter states that the center would expand bicycle and transit usage, and improve energy conservation and the environment.

Tim Busse, spokesman for University Services, said the center would be part of the Stadium Village Central Corridor light rail stop.

“It would be a stop center for all modes of transportation,” he said. “By having this center here it encourages people to park their bikes or cars and hop on the train or take the bus.”