Broadband is utility in UK


by Ann Treacy | June 17, 2009 • Thanks to Ann Higgins for passing on the article on what’s going on with broadband in the UK.

Blandin on Broadband offers information on broadband use, access, and trends especially in rural Minnesota. Sponsored by the Blandin Foundation and their Broadband Initiative.

I’m going to quote straight from the CED magazine because I think the wording here is important:

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Tuesday that high-speed Internet access has become as “indispensable as electricity, gas and water” for most of the public.

“Just as the bridges, roads and railways built in the 19th century were the foundations of an Industrial Revolution that helped Britain to become the workshop of the world, so investment now in the information and communications industries can underpin our emergence from recession,” he wrote in an op-ed piece for the Times of London.

Their push seems to be to get the last stragglers online, “to reach those who are reluctant to get online – either because they cannot afford it or because they do not feel they benefit from it” and to reach the rural areas with 2 Mps access.

I’m off to Dublin on Monday (for a month or so). My hope is to spend some time in London too. I want to see how these pushes to get online are received by folks. I’ll be sure to report in.

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