Broadband helps rural digital economy


by Ann Treacy | September 16, 2009 • Do you ever wish you had a nice well-researched essay on the importance of broadband in rural areas? One that you could share with people who had little more than a passing understanding or interest in broadband? Well a new essay came out this month that would fit that bill: Broadband Internet Service Helping Create a Rural Digital Economy.

Blandin on Broadband offers information on broadband use, access, and trends especially in rural Minnesota. Sponsored by the Blandin Foundation and their Broadband Initiative.

It’s published in the September Amber Waves by the USDA Economic Research Service. The authors make the point that broadband harder to get, but essential to rural areas. They point to research that has come out in the last 6 months. I’ve mentioned the research reports before so I won’t delve in too deep – but this is a perfect essay to bring to a funder, community leader, potential partner interested in promoting growth in rural areas.