Brilliant debut from under-appreciated Minnesota chanteuse


It’s amazing the quantity of quality talent that calls the Twin Cities home.  How some of it still awaits national stardom is a good question.  Take, for instance, neo-soul chanteuse-songsmith Ginger Patterson.  She actually has racked up a strong track record in the U.S. and abroad, presently enjoying digital distribution via World Music Alliance (WMA).  Surprised you’ve never heard of her?  Join the club.  You’ll be further surprised — to the point of arched eyebrows — on listening to Patterson’s brilliant debut, Another Day In Time (Midwest Magic Productions).  Which is when you’ll join another club, the one full of delighted fans, including area industry heavyweights like ace saxman Walter Chancellor, Jr. and keyboard wiz Wenso Ashby.

Another Day In Time  features a tried and true formula long forsaken in the music business.  Since the late 80s advent of sterile, terminally slick production showcasing limited range, fix-it-in-the-mix vocals manufactured from cookie cutter mold, it’s hard to find a legitimately strong commercial singer, one who genuinely brings it.  With feeling.  With, well, yeah, heart and soul.  Ginger Patterson steps to a microphone with exactly that rare strength, waxing true old school. On occasion, far back as the bright tonality and tight phrasing of Motown original Mary Wells. 

Generally, she threads melodies more in accord with later days, doing a tantalizing job of it. Try on for size her sharp, sly hand at urban sophistication, “Slow Motion.”  This is laid back soul at its sexiest.  And there’s the sinewy ballad, “Fall In Love,” with vocals (with Patterson backing herself up) of sheer velvet, accentuated by tasty, flamenco-tinged acoustic guitar.  “In The Dark” sets a mark, lean and clean: you won’t find stronger, sweeter song in the genre.  Which brings us to what distinguishes Another Day In Time  as exceptional artistry — the material, by William and Ginger Patterson, kills.  Not a cover in the bunch, for a full ten songs, every number works.  The sign of true craft, for all that they clearly come from the same source, each stands on its own.  No weak repetition, copying from cut to cut.  And, as for Patterson’s singing, this outing acquits her as a dyed-in-the-wool wonder.  You can’t come across a vocalist more subtle with such ringing, sensual clarity.  Another Day In Time by Ginger Patterson, is a must-listen recording.