Breakfast at Triple Rock: Not just for punks


The first thing you should know about the Triple Rock Social Club is that it is a punk rock bar and concert venue. When I met a friend there for breakfast last weekend, I found myself to be less punk rock than usual. First, I showed up early at 9:50, 10 minutes before the place opened. It would have been decidedly more punk rock if I had missed breakfast all together. Second, this was my first Triple Rock breakfast where I was not hung over. And, third, I ate with the intention of writing a restaurant review: not very punk rock either.

Now that we’ve established how non-punk rock I truly am, let’s talk about the restaurant itself. I am a vegetarian who prides herself on being able to find something to eat anywhere, so I normally don’t find myself at “vegetarian” restaurants. So, where some vegetarians may find the Triple Rock’s menu fairly standard, I always find myself delighted by the fact that I can eat virtually everything on it. Yes, there is meat on the menu, but the highlight is the fact that almost every menu item can be prepared with fake meat instead.

The first thing to order is coffee. Each table gets its own carafe and each person gets an individualized mug. At this visit, I was disappointed to receive a more normal cow mug, whereas in the past I have received religious-themed mugs or the much coveted, “#1 Dad.”

If you like a sweet breakfast, you’re covered: there are several variations on pancakes and French toast, several of which can be made for vegans. For the savory folks, there are omeletes, scrambles, and the ultimate hangover cure, the breakfast burrito. The best part: All of the menu items are under $10.

I opted for my standby, the fried egg sandwich: cheap, greasy, and reliable. I upgraded to add veggie sausage for an extra $1.25, and it was money well spent: about halfway through my sandwich I started to freak out because I thought I had accidentally ordered real meat. That is the true sign of a good soy substitute. My sandwich came with a heaping serving of crispy home fries, which were delightful, especially considering the fact that I have very little respect for the potato.

Although the menu at the Triple Rock is extremely vegetarian-friendly, the staff is usually not friendly at all. The service has always been excellent; just don’t expect a smile or pleasant chit-chat out of your waiter or waitress. After all, they are punk rock and you are not.