Breakfast in Minneapolis: What Mark Meadows missed


You may or may not be aware of the kerfuffle that arose this week when Reuters reporter Mark Meadows published a jaunty column of his idea of the best way to spend 48 hours in the Twin Cities. It’s truly a cringe-worthy piece that begs the question: Did he actually ever visit the Twin Cities? How does he not know that baseball is played in games, not matches? (I’m not a sports person, and even I know that.) Did he ride the light rail? Because that’s what it’s called, not a tram. He rightfully points out the Orpheum Theatre as a good spot for dramatic arts, yet also thought mentioning movies at the Skyway Theater was a good option. And no Guthrie?

His excuse is that he was awfully busy. Too busy, I’d say, to have been given this assignment at all.

Perhaps the recommendation that has drawn the most ire is to have breakfast at the Potbelly Sandwich Shop at the IDS Center. Really? Downtown Minneapolis? Eat at a Chicago-based chain?

No, no, no.

I don’t have time or space to refute all that is wrong with Mr. Meadows’ piece, but let’s at least talk breakfast in Minneapolis, shall we?

For goodness’ sake, right down the street from the IDS Center and its ostensibly wonderful Potbelly is La Belle Crepe. Look,it’s your choice: commercial egg sandwich, or a berries and cream crepe cooked to order, or a dill and lox crepe, or a spicy crab Benedict crepe, or–there are plenty of choices.

Also within easy walking distance to the IDS Center is Hell’s Kitchen, with its accurately self-proclaimed Damned Good Food. Seriously–the huevos are to die for, as are the lemon-ricotta hotcakes and the toasted sausage bread (the latter of which is especially good with the housemade peanut butter. Bonus! Peanut butter available for purchase). Or, heck, if you don’t want a big heavy breakfast, Hell’s Kitchen also offers the Angel Food Bakery, with a sinful (sorry) selection of fresh-baked goods and piping hot Peace Coffee served on the premises.

Or you could be a bit more adventurous, go further afield. Got a car? Taxi fare? A bus schedule? An inkling to try Nice Ride? You can take a quick jaunt across the river and visit Wilde Roast Cafe. Eggs Benedict pizza, people. Bonus: patio overlooking the river.

Maybe you’d like some history and local flavor with your breakfast. All righty, then, let’s hop on over to Dinkytown and wait your turn for one of the few seats at Al’s Breakfast. Waffles. Eggs. Eat up and shut up.

Or get a little ethnic food to start your day. Wander on over to Victor’s 1959 Cafe. Plantain omelet, yuca and eggs, a little taste of Cuba to get you going.

You can’t go wrong with a stop at Sun Street Breads. Besides the luscious baked goods, you also have access to sourdough flapjacks and a variety of breakfast sandwiches, including the Juicy Piggy: pepper jack-stuffed sausage patty with lettuce and tomato.

This is just a small sampling of what Minneapolis has to offer in the line of breakfast. And I didn’t even bring up St. Paul. So, Mr. Meadows from Reuters, please consider eating some humble pie and acknowledging that you kind of blew it. Even worse–look at all the great things you missed out on.