Brain Fighters at the Minnesota Fringe Festival


Brain Fighters presented by Joking Envelope is an original kids’ show that uses a bare bones set and simple costumes to create an entirely new world. In this world, people can use their brains to transform into whatever they want. They have their own method of naming its occupants and even its own “bad” words-terrible words like gelato, pants, and diorama.

We were fortunate enough to sit in the balcony of the Rarig Thrust for the show, where the elegance of David Mann’s direction was clear. Watching Mo Perry (Baggage), Randy Reyes (Cupcake), and Joseph Scrimshaw (Tool) use their bodies and voices to transform was fun.

A few of the sequences are a bit long. The second half bogs down with too many ideas packed together. Is the moral of the story about seeing others’ perspectives, the desire to be a bold exciting hero, or to use the power of your brain for good? I’m not sure. But I’m nitpicking-because the kids in the audience loved this show.