Ça Brûle




Award-winning documentarian Simon brings her realistic approach and eye for detail to her first feature set in sun-baked Provence. After a nasty fall from her horse, 15-year-old Livia (Camille Varenne) is rescued by Jean, a dashing fireman, three times her age.

The incident is love at first sight for young Livia, but her happily married savior doesn’t share the sentiment. When her clumsy efforts at wooing him fail repeatedly, she hatches a plot that may be more destructive than she realizes. Simon’s eye for detail frequently impresses…from mistral winds to the ever-present chirping crickets to a portrait of a thrillseeking, sexually confused adolescent.

“Claire Simon’s films capture the poetry and beauty of the everyday, even as they carefully consider the ways in which the everyday is shaped by larger forces of history, economics and politics. Given Simon’s subtle (and sympathetic) style — her camera stays close to its subjects, creating a sense of intimacy without being invasive or exploitive — it is perhaps no surprise that Simon studied ethnography before turning to filmmaking.” — Harvard Film Archive

(Thanks to French Cultural Services, Chicago, for print.) (In French w/ Eng. subtitles)


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