Bonding bill: line item veto hits DFL districts, spares GOP’s


Gov. Tim Pawlenty used his line-item veto on Monday to shred a portion of the capital investment bonding bill that hit his desk last week. He cut $200 million out of the $925 million bill, with a large amount coming out of requests for St. Paul. Pawlenty told reporters Monday, “It’s not about being a Democrat or a Republican, it’s about setting the right priorities for the state and living within our means. There’s no personal messages in here for anybody in particular.”

For background, see Capital investment showdown by Lee Ann Schutz, Session Weekly

Yet, the investments Pawlenty deleted create the appearance of political game-playing, the Pioneer Press’ blog Political Animal reports:

An analysis by Senate Majority (Democratic) Research showed that of the 50 projects he vetoed that affected specific Senate districts, 49 were in DFL districts and one was in a Republican District. It also showed that $204 million, or 98 percent, was cut from DFL districts, $4.1 million, or 1.95 percent, was cut from statewide projects and $100,000, or .04 percent, was cut from Republican districts.