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Not long after Bluestem started in mid-July 2006, the blog drew national attention to Tim Walz’s triumph over then-Representative Gil Gutknecht at their first head-to-head debate. A writer at Daily Kos used the coverage to explore why local blogging matters.

Since then, story after story has first appeared here, as well as commentary about news from Greater Minnesota that often pushes rural life and politics toward a broader audience.

Think for a moment about items that first appeared on the little blog on the prairie. Emmer’s mortgages. Buesgens’ home foreclosure. Quist’s political resurrection. The NRCC’s lifting of a slogan for an anti-depressant in a much-ridiculed attempt at re-branding. Randy Demmer’s abuse of the per diem system while attending NRCC candidates’ school in DC. 

Story after story has broken at Bluestem, which runs on my own dime and tips from individual readers. Since the breaking of the Giefer pardon story on Sunday, November 28, people have been asking how they might help with the investigative work Bluestem provides for progressive causes in Minnesota.

The answer is simple: leave a holiday tip for Bluestem Prairie.

Want more research and blogging from this site? Contribute via Bluestem’s tip jar. All contributions will go toward keeping Bluestem going by paying the expenses for the site and  for research projects.  I enjoy a frugal life in rural Minnesota, and will use each dollar carefully as I pursue leads and story ideas.

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P.S. I continue to appreciate news tips as well; the Giefer pardon research started with a reader’s tip.