In blow to Demmer campaign’s wishes, Walz still listening to vets as Shinseki visits Mankato


It’s looking to be a rough week for the Demmer campaign. First, John Boehner campaigned for the Hayfield Republican–in Wayzata, recently described as the Hamptons of Minnesota.  Looks like an event in the District couldn’t happen–and only a private fundraiser took place in the tony suburb.

Bluestem looked at the Boehner fundraiser in Chronicles of Demmer: John Boehner’s secret mission to Wayzata.

Second, news of Demmer’s bizarre claim that there’s no money in the Social Security fund is gaining traction.

Third, Walz’s congressional office failed to heed Demmer’s campaign manager’s desires for how it should manage constiuents’ needs and policy making. As Bluestem posted in Demmer campaign to Walz office: quit listening to vets and find out how disagreeable Randy is, Demmer’s campaign manager felt that Walz’s official schedule should be dictated by issues where Demmer felt he could score public points, and veterans’ affairs weren’t among them.

The Mankato Free Press reports in VA head visits with local veterans:

There was a meeting with local veterans that Walz said allowed for frank discussion of how Shinseki’s agency was performing in providing services. There was also a stop at the Mankato Community-Based Outpatient Clinic on Madison Avenue.

The clinic, which opened in 2008, currently focuses on mental health care but is in the process of being expanded to provide primary health care services that would allow area vets to avoid many trips to the VA hospital in Minneapolis.

Veterans of World War II, Vietnam and the Iraq war were all on hand to talk about the importance of providing health care locally and the difficulty of making the trip to Minneapolis – both for aging veterans who increasingly find a drive to the Twin Cities daunting and for recent vets busy with young families and full college course loads.

“It would just be a huge benefit,” said Steve Robbins, an Iraq war vet.

. . . Walz praised Shinseki’s efforts to improve access to care for veterans living outside large metropolitan areas. And he said Mankato offered Shinseki a case study in how to help homeless veterans.

Shinseki agreed, calling the Radichel Town Homes “a wonderful example of what can be done when we bring a community together to help veterans.”

Read the article for more about the new home for the formerly homeless vet. What a terrific story.

Photo: Walz and veterans at town hall in Rochester back in August.