Biologist challenges Bachmann as new fact-check site launches


Bachmann Watch,” the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s new Web site for fact-checking Rep. Michele Bachmann, corrects some of the Sixth District congresswoman’s recent misstatements, including her debunked claim that Barack Obama’s cap-and-trade energy plan would raise household energy costs by $3,100 per year and her assertion, which turns out to be false, that she refused earmarks.

But it hasn’t yet tackled Bachmann’s Earth Day floor speech about the Obama administration’s plan to regulate carbon dioxide emissions. Biologist P.Z. Myers quickly debunks some of those claims, including the biggie — that because carbon dioxide is naturally occurring it’s “harmless”:

She claims that not one study has ever been produced to show that CO2 is harmful, and she goes further to claim that CO2 is a harmless gas. We could correct that in just a few minutes: give me a large tank of CO2 and a small room containing Michele Bachmann, and we’ll give her a personal experience.

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