Time to cross the river


Mark Dorshak and me done broke up more times than some married couples (it’s all his fault, cross my heart and hope to eat a dead frog). Looks, though, like the fates ain’t havin’ it: no sooner do we get back together and play the Fine Line (it were a wang-dang doodle) than we’re booked at Big V’s. Among folk who made it to the Fine Line was the one and onliest Fancy Ray “The Best Lookin’ Man In Comedy” McCloney, rising comic ace K Jay, editor Steve Kaplan and fotog Larry Kramer late of sorely missed MN Law & Politics Magazine, and my running buddies Rasta Bard David Daniels and actor-screenwriter Bill “Billy Blaze” Borea. Not to mention fond friend Wesley Hargrove, who, retired from big-time modeling, still looks good as new money. It felt good as hell to have cats like that come down and show their love, giving moral support for my Fine Line debut.

Was sort of stunned to get the Big V’s gig, since it weren’t one I tracked down. Inukshuk Pass (yes, that Inukshuck Pass, led by vocalist-songsmith Patti Ryan) sent out a broadcast over Facebook, beating the bushes for acts to join them on a bill, Thursdays in August at Big V’s. I hurried up and responded. Got the booking. Next thing y’ know, done went from jobbing in Minneapolis to crossing the river and go see ‘bout singin’ in St. Paul. Works for me. Any day out the week, twice on Sundays.

So. Esteemed guitarist extraordinaire Mr. Dorshak and myself is in motion, mixin’ it up for, I suppose, long as we’ll manage to not get on each other’s nerves too bad. God knows, we’re a pair: each crazy as an outhouse rat with opinions on the time of day. Some things is out of one’s hands. Just could turn out to be long-lasting union (no, we won’t be placing rings on each other’s fingers, of that much I’m fairly certain). You can check in on the doings of this madcap duo at that public info hotline with the initials FB. Or look on the horizon for firework explosions, next time we fall out.

Come on down, sometime, to a gig. Introduce y’self. Won’t be hard to find us. Me and Mark’ll be the two cats sittin’ somewhere in a corner, slapping high-fives, laughing like a couple of drunk hyenas.

Singer-songwriter Dwight Hobbes featuring guitarist Mark Dorshak at Big V’s,1567 University Ave W, Saint Paul, MN. Aug. 4, 9 p.m. $5. 21+.