Big news for East Side St. Paul transit potential


According to a September 9 article on the Finance & Commerce Website, the Rush Line is back on the table.

Today the Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority is expected to give the go-ahead for an alternatives analysis of the Rush Line, which could serve the vital connection from Union Depot to the Northeast Metro.

East Side transit advocates have been waiting for this news since they lost the battle to win a Gateway Corridor route down East 7th Street. Development-minded folks have longed for such an infrastructure investment to make a big difference on the beleaguered commercial thoroughfare.

So now a new battle is beginning over whether Rush Line will utilize Arcade and East 7th or skip the East Side entirely by using 35E or noncommercial land nearby. While this type of route could potentially be cheaper and faster, it would bypass key urban development zones.

Ample public comments have claimed that the Gateway Corridor has in effect bypassed the East Side in its efforts to save costs and serve suburban commuters. It’s now up to East Side transit activists to lobby for Rush Line to change its “lines on the map” so that its potential routes won’t do the same.