Betty Danger’s Country Club: Psycho Suzi’s owner proposes a new restaurant


Leslie Bock, also known as Psycho Suzi, proposes to add a character to what she describes as a successful, but oddball restaurant family. “When you meet her, you will love her,” states a letter Bock circulated to neighbors. “Betty is apple pie and sunshine, but sadly lives in a time warp with no sense of reality or logic. Poor Betty.”

Betty Danger’s Country Club would open at 2519 Marshall St. NE, the former drive-in restaurant location that housed the first Psycho Suzi’s before she moved down the road. “After two unsuccessful years trying to sell my old restaurant to a visionary buyer, I decided too much time has now passed and I would like to do it myself,” Bock wrote.

It’s expected that Bock or representatives will meet with the Concerned Citizens of Marshall Terrace at their June 20 meeting, 7 p.m. at River Village Community Room, 2919 Randolph St. NE. The neighborhood group would be asked to endorse a couple of variances to the zoning code.

Those variances would be to accommodate a specially-designed (but quiet, Bock says) Ferris wheel at the southwest corner of her lot which will let diners enjoy dinner and drinks while slowly rotating, enjoying views of the Mississippi, the Lowry Bridge and the Minneapolis skyline. “It will not be a ride, nor flash, nor play music like an amusement park Ferris wheel. It will feature softly lit moving gondolas, muted colors and quiet operation.”

Food in the “main clubhouse” would be a Minnesota version of Tex-Mex, there would be a full bar (seeking a class E on-sale liquor license with Sunday sales) and covered terrace. No live entertainment either in or out, but a mini-golf course “that can be enjoyed when weather permits” with a small “pro shop” and outdoor kitchen.

Bock’s first themed restaurant was Saint Sabrina’s; after Psycho Suzi’s was established she added Donny Dirk’s Danger Den in the former Standup Frank’s on North Second Street.

There are five owner-occupied residential properties abutting or kitty-corner to 2519 Marshall St. NE, and the Lowry Marshall Car Wash is on the corner of Lowry and Marshall south of the subject property. In her letter, Bock did not address where restaurant patrons would park.