Best posts in University of Minnesota Secret Admirers


As has happened at other colleges and universities, a Facebook page has cropped up for “University of Minnesota Secret Admirers.” The way it works: U of M students (or whomever) submit “admirations” anonymously via a Google form, and an administrator of the Facebook page posts them for all to see. Here are some of the best posted recently.

To the guy who looks like Zayn Malik from One Direction and walks with authority, please have my babies.”

To my Political Science TA, You are the reason I go to class. Even when I am hungover and want to sleep on the bathroom floor, you make me willing to get ready and go to class. Your style is amazing, but to be honest your office hours should be clothing optional… And by optional I mean illegal.”

Priya – in my Chemisty II lab, I got my ion you.”

To the sexy snowboardery boy in the J-school with that curly blonde flow of locks who is obsessed with Australia: Can I didgeridoo you?”

Dear Nathan Donnay, You are a beautiful man and I love how you judge dairy cows. If you ever need practice at judging a 89-point 18-year-old mammary system, look me up.  Love, Your Bailey Hall Admirer”

To the girl in Starbucks I denied a return smile, I meant to smile!”

To the chick that’s on the class roster but never showed up, I looked you up on Facebook and fell in love in a heartbeat. I need you in my life. Please come to class!”

Sean from T Hall who always walks around with an overconfident grin on his face: I would jump on you like a spidermonkey.”

To the security guard working Middlebrook last Saturday. I wish you were my escort.”

Eli- you’re gonna make one sexy pharmacist.”

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