Best of Neighborhood News 9/21: Could Minneapolis be doing more to address its affordable housing crisis?


Jared Goyette from MinnPost’s Community Sketchbook brings a well reported analysis of political problems of affordable housing, as well as the human consequences.

While Minneapolis residents like the Dominguez family face steep rent increases, there are policy options available to the Minneapolis City Council to help mitigate such a rise, from freezing property taxes to exploring rent control. But state statutes and landlord lobbyists stand in the way.

“We need affordable units, and this is a way for the market to provide that,” said City Council Member Lisa Bender. “I know that there is pushback, but if we do it correctly, I think the market can absorb the cost of the units.”

To learn more about the policies at play, read the article at MinnPost.


In case of St. Kate’s ‘shooting,’ yet another innocent Black man blamed

Hip hop artist and educator Toki Wright penned this commentary for Insight News. The sharp cultural critique is in response to an incident when a security guard at St. Catherine’s University shot himself in the shoulder while mishandling a personal firearm, only to blame an imaginary Black assailant. As Wright points out, the story is an old trope with “the idea of the random Black ‘boogeyman’ out looking for trouble.”

So here are a few questions I have to ask of anyone reading this. How far along have we come as a society? Why do large portions of our society still not want to admit that racism is a problem in our country?

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Artists wanted to boost Lake Street economic development

Paige Elliot with Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder reported on a new initiative from the Lake Street Council “to showcase the cultural assets of the area and attract visitors to shop the diverse businesses and organizations along Lake Street.”

The council is seeking artist submissions for a one-year creative placemaking project. “We’re looking for 12 artists,” said Lake Street Council Executive Director Allison Sharkey. “We’re looking for a few projects with a budget of $1,000, a couple with a budget of $2,500 and a couple with a budget of $5,000.

Learn more about the project and plans at Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder.