Best of Neighborhood News 7/27: Study shows nearly one-third of Minneapolis general fund goes to police


The Minnesota Daily reported on a study from the Center for Popular Democracy that showed the city of Minneapolis allocates 35.8 percent of its general fund, or 11.2 percent of entire budget, to police.

In-demand programs like adult workforce development, youth training, affordable housing development and youth violence prevention each got less than one tenth the funding law enforcement received.

Read more analysis and reaction over at The Minnesota Daily.


Trans school safety toolkit adopted by state Dept. of Education

Despite protests from anti-LGBTQIA organizations, the Minnesota Department of Education advisory committee adopted a toolkit that provides information to schools on how to create a safer and more equitable school environment for transgender and gender nonconforming students.

OutFront Minnesota, the state’s largest LGBTQ public policy organization, praised the adoption of the toolkit.

“National reports indicate that substantial numbers of transgender and gender non-conforming students consider or attempt suicide because of rejection, hostility, and violence that they encounter at school,” OutFront Minnesota School Equity Director Esmé Rodríguez said in a statement.

Learn more about the toolkit and how it will be used at The Column.


A police chief’s resignation: Community responds

Paige Elliot for Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder provided in-depth coverage of both Mayor Betsy Hodges’ press conference announcing the departure of former Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau and the ensuing demonstrations in support of Justine Damond.

Various speakers addressed the crowd, including Samantha Pree-Stinson, who called for a change in leadership from the top down, and John Thompson, a former co-worker and friend of Philando Castile, who was fatally shot by former St. Anthony Police Officer Jeromino Yanez on July 6, 2016. Yanez was acquitted of all charges June 16, 2017.

Thompson implored those in attendance who were first-time protesters to stay involved and keep protesting. “The ladies from the Women’s March organization — Don’t leave us,” he said. “We need your White voices. We’ve been needing your White voices!”

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