Best of Neighborhood News 12/7: How much names matter around Lake Calhoun/Bde Maka Ska


This year, both the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board and Hennepin County have approved restoring the Dakota name, Bde Maka Ska, to Uptown Minneapolis’ Lake Calhoun. As the name change awaits state and federal recognition, Jim Walsh of MinnPost’s Community Sketchbook talked with residents on their varying opinions of the names.

“I’m happy with ‘Bde Maka Ska.’ I mean, names matter. Names matter a lot, and we don’t want to honor somebody whose legacy is what Calhoun’s legacy is. This is Lakota land and let’s have Bde Maka Ska be the name. I grew up near Lake of the Isles, and I’ve been coming to this lake since I was little and I’m raising my kids just a few blocks away from here, and they call it ‘Bde Maka Ska’ too. That’s how we do.” – Sara Schonwald, Minneapolis.

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City of Minneapolis, local neighborhoods map out future

Minneapolis city planners, residents and local neighborhood organizations are in the midst of wrapping up the final steps of the city of Minneapolis’ 2040 comprehensive plan. This plan aims to enhance transportation, housing and sustainability, economic development and other themes in the city – especially to accommodate growing diversity.

“There is expertise that is not going to be garnered [by research] that we can get from public engagement events like this,” said Wesley Durham, a city planner and recent University of Minnesota graduate. “These questions of access to jobs and transportation and housing — what do they look like on the ground for people living those questions day-to-day?”

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WeARE The Clinic

Six years after a Brainerd-area Planned Parenthood clinic shut down, a group of women who are passionate about sexual health opened an independent family planning clinic. The nonprofit WeARE Advocates for Reproductive Education aims to create accessible and confidential health care in northern Minnesota.

“It was at The Shop that educational efforts by WeARE got their start. Teens attend SxTalks, gatherings to encourage dialogue on sexual health topics. “The conversations filled an educational gap,” Becky Twamley said, noting programming at nearby school districts focuses on abstinence.

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