Best of Neighborhood News 12/21: Minnesota Women’s Press gets new leadership


Kathy Magnuson and Norma Smith Olson have served the readers of the Minnesota Women’s Press for a long time, seeing the publication through its major transition as a magazine. Now they are handing the reins to their successor Mikki Morrisette, a writer for the platform for 15 years.

“We stayed true to what we’re not and what we are,” Magnuson said. “We focused on women’s health, education, spirituality and politics. These are the things that matter to women in their everyday lives. It is tempting to follow ad dollars, but we resisted that and it has cost us financially. Our readers, though, are smart, and they reward our high editorial integrity.”

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North Minneapolis teen entrepreneurs win big prize

Green Garden Bakery, a new healthy food enterprise run by Black teens, recently won $11,000 in prize money at the Minnesota Cup entrepreneur sweepstakes. GGB is a vegetable-based dessert operation that uses mostly locally grown produce to bake into healthy desserts for various diets that are vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free.

“We allow people to choose what they want to pay for our goods, and we actually make more that way. It’s creating accessibility and affordability to our customers,” said Leensa Ahmed.

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For 14 years, Jewbilee provides a December tradition for Twin Cities Jews

With music, food and comedy, Jewbilee is an annual event that encourages Jews from across the Twin Cities to come together every Dec. 24, carving out a space for themselves during a predominantly Christian time of year.

“There is not a lot to do during December that is specifically aimed at Jews,” cracked Aaron Isaacs. “There are countless Christmas-themed movies, plays and events, but only one Adam Sandler song, one terrible Adam Sandler movie, and like half a Rugrats special for us. So it’s nice to have an event that is Jewish-themed, even though everyone is welcome.

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