The best kept secret in North Minneapolis


The Minneapolis Urban League’s Resource Room provides technology access, job search help

The Resource Room in the Minneapolis Urban League is one of North Minneapolis’ best kept secrets. Using employment specialists and technology, it’s staff helps the community stay on top of the game!

When you walk through the front doors of the Minneapolis Urban League, the Resource Room is not visible from the front desk. But in back, through the double doors awaits over 30 Internet-connected desktop computers used for job searches, checking email, downloading music and online educational courses.

Roosevelt Pargo, program service specialist for the Community Empowerment Cluster, says, “It’s great to see people young and old take advantage of these resources. We get a wide variety of people from the community every day we’re open — mothers, fathers, boys, girls, young adults, grandparents and some professionals — that know that Internet access away from the office is available at the Minneapolis Urban League Resource Room.”

The Minneapolis Urban League’s Resource Center provides assistance in résumé development and active job searches. While gathering information for this story, this writer observed Mr. Pargo helping a young lady who was looking for work. After reading her qualifications, Pargo picked up the phone, called a local employer, and told them he would be sending the young lady’s resume via fax and to look for it. Wow!

This kind of dedication and service is what our community needs, and the Minneapolis Urban League’s Resource Room is the place to get assistance on long-term employment strategies and interviewing skills.

The Resource Room is open Monday-Friday from 9 am — 12:30 pm and then reopens after lunch from 1:30-4:30 pm. Volunteers are always welcomed.

For more information and to support the Minneapolis Urban League’s Resource Room, call Donovan Charles at 612-302-3100 or go to

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