Best of the Fest?


The organizers of the 26th Annual Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival have recently released the schedule for the “Best of Fest,” a series of encores for films that have been among viewers’ favorites. Over the course of the Film Festival, visitors to the Daily Planet’s Film Festival viewer feedback site have been weighing in with their own opinions on dozens of films.

The Best of Fest series runs from May 4-8 at the Oak Street Cinema, 309 Oak St. S.E., Minneapolis. Admission to each film is $8. For more information, see

1 p.m.: Circumcise Me!/Apparition of the Eternal Church
3 p.m.: Witnesses to a Secret War
4:45 p.m.: Katyn
7:15 p.m.: The Sea Within
9 p.m.: Happy Family

The choice to reprise Happy Family must have pleased our reader Eric Daly, who called it “a great film—funny, real, wise, and romantic.” In his comment, he went on to politely request that the festival organizers “BRING IT BACK. BRING IT BACK. BRING IT BACK. BRING IT BACK. BRING IT BACK. BEST OF THE FEST! BEST OF THE FEST! BEST OF THE FEST! BEST OF THE FEST! BEST OF THE FEST!”

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5 p.m.: Travelling
7 p.m.: Full Scope
9 p.m.: A Man’s Job

One commenter praised Full Scope‘s “beautiful cinematography” and “marvelous cast,” saying that it’s the best Russian film since Moscow Does Not Trust (Believe In) Tears. A comment on A Man’s Job, a film about a laid-off worker who resorts to work as a male prostitute, is more skeptical: “Would a gigolo really have so many ER visits?”

5 p.m.: Wind Man
7 p.m.: The Betrayal
9 p.m.: International

While many viewers enjoyed Wind Man, a fable about a winged man who may or may not be an angel, one commenter dissented: “The film went from being technically problematic but good-hearted in the first half to an unintelligible, rambling mess in the second.”

5 p.m.: Orquesta Tipica
7 p.m.: At the Death House Door
9 p.m.: Just Sex and Nothing Else

“This European take on the traditional Hollywood comedy will entertain and delight you,” reports our reader Jeanne on Just Sex and Nothing Else. However, don’t expect to see Jeanne on the 7th. “I left the theater smiling,” she continues, “but have no interest in seeing it again.”

5 p.m.: Full Metal Village
9 p.m.: Punk Rock Funk

A commenter on Full Metal Village suggests that the film taught him a lot—perhaps too much—about life behind the scenes at a heavy metal music festival in rural Germany. “Why so much interest in old men’s sex lives?”

“Best of the Fest” or not, it’s a diverse and provocative lineup. Check it out, then come back and let us know what you think.

Jay Gabler is the Daily Planet’s arts editor.