THEATER REVIEW | “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” at SteppingStone Theatre: Fun for kids, and adults too


The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is a great play for kids and even adults. There are many funny characters, like Gladys, who brings the real excitement to the story.

In the story, the Herdman kids, who are rude and nasty, become a part of the annual church Christmas pageant. Everyone seems appalled that the evil Herdmans would even come to the Church! It ends up that the Hardmans get the main parts and complete the show; by the end of the pageant people really seem to think it was the Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

The younger kids sing Christmas songs throughout the play, which is pretty entertaining. The actors are pretty good at bringing  the audience to laughter.

It is a great play for families during Christmas time, especially for families with kids ages three to ten. It has a happy ending that kids will love.

Kate O’Donnell is a seventh-grade student.