Berger, Otto spar over endorsement, voting record


Yesterday’s endorsement of DFLer Rebecca Otto for state auditor by a major statewide environmental organization has injected a note of hyperbole into this bottom-of-the-ballot race.

A statement from the Otto campaign called the endorsement from the Clean Water Action organization “by no means a given,” noting that the environmental group “often endorses the Green candidate.”

But the Greens’ Dave Berger said that the endorsement of Otto was “not too surprising” considering the fact that only one Green Party candidate—Julie Visser in Senate District 41—has been endorsed by the group this year, and she’s on the CWA board. And she’s the first Green to be so honored since Cam Gordon in 2001.

“I’m a little confused about the word often,” he said.

Otto, for her part, was a little confused by Berger’s claim that she’s a friend of the Taxpayer’s League. He alleges that she voted with the notorious anti-tax group 55 percent of the time in 2003. “Anybody who knows me and my work knows that I’ve been working against that organization even before I was in the legislature,” Otto said. “It’s kind of a laughable joke.”