Based on the daring reportage of Israeli journalist Ron Leshem (who coscripted) Beaufort is the fictional story of Liraz Liberti — 21-year-old commander of a desolate military base not far from the old seafarer’s fortress of the same name in Lebanon, kept by the Israeli army until its withdrawal in 2000.

This heavily guarded post, here since the Lebanon war in 1982, is a symbol not only of Israel’s most controversial campaign, but also of a sacrifi cial and futile struggle during which many soldiers lost their lives. As Israeli troops move out of Lebanon, leaving Beaufort behind, thousands of mines destroy the base. The powerful explosion ended 18 years of Israeli occupation. The story does not center on the war but on the retreat from Beaufort and the danger facing Liberti’s squad of 13 “human puppies”, their embarrassing tour of duty disguised as patriotism. The base is still under enemy fire as Liraz, in an adrenaline-saturated moment, prepares to explode the site, thus destroying everything that his friends and comrades have died trying to defend. An Oscar nominee, for Best Foreign Language Feature this year.

Click here to view the trailer.

Third feature by director, Joseph Cedar, 40 (born in New York); Time of Favor (2001) and Campfire (2004).


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