Back from Mid-East, Ellison talks about Israel-Gaza


Rep. Keith Ellison sat down with, a “Twin Cities Hub for Hip Jewish Stuff,” to talk about his recent trips to Israel and Gaza. Ellison said that a disheartening fact of life there is that people in either locale have no sense of what those in the other area are going through. Ellison spoke with Gazans who didn’t seem to appreciate how devastating the rocket attacks have been on Israel.

“They didn’t seem to have any knowledge about the hell and damage the rocketing was causing on the other side of the border. They didn’t seem to — they were like, oh isn’t it like little pop rockets? I think they actually used the term bottle rockets. They didn’t seem to know. How much damage is being inflicted over there. And how much terror is being inflicted over there.

And when I asked them, do you know any Israelis? None of them did except for one and that one met one when she went to Texas on like a year abroad. The only one who got to know one was the one who went to Texas. It threw a chill through me. Because how do myths about people crop up? When you don’t know them.”

TCJewFolk posed the question: “Does being pro-Palestinian automatically mean a politician is anti-Israel? Can someone be friendly and sympathetic to both sides?” Ellison’s response is above.