Bachman’s Floral gives flowers to NoMi residents…


by John Hoff | July 20, 2009 • A few days ago, Bachman’s Floral gave scores of free flowers to NoMi residents for beautification. The flower distribution took place at Zion Baptist Church with valuable assistance from Pastor Brian Herron.

The Adventures of Johnny Northside: Being the amazing, true-to-life adventures and (very likely) misadventures of a divorced man who seeks to take his education, activism and seemingly boundless energy to the North Side of Minneapolis, to help with a process of turning an arguably-blighted neighborhood into something approaching Urban Utopia. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want to be near my child. This blog is dedicated to my 12-year-old son Alex, and his dream of studying math and robotics at MIT.

It should be noted that Bachman’s Floral (with one “n”) is no relation to Michele Bachmann and her very special, unique viewpoint about the United States Census. I, for one, CAN HARDLY WAIT for the U.S. Census so we can find out what changes have happened in our neighborhood as a result of revitalization forces seizing on the historic opportunity afforded by the foreclosure crisis.

In any case, yeah. Free flowers. From Bachman’s Floral. Very cool.

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