Bachmann: Tarryl Clark ‘brazenly and blatantly lied about what I said’


On Chris Baker’s radio program on Thursday, Rep. Michele Bachmann defended herself against ads being run by her DFL opponent Tarryl Clark. Bachmann said that Clark lied about her statements in support of BP and that the campaign colored her teeth to make her look bad. 

“I have never once said that BP is not liable or that they shouldn’t be 100 percent of what they owe or that the taxpayers should pay a dime,” Bachmann told Baker (MP3).

Bachmann said her concerns were that Obama would give BP’s money to victims of his choosing. “This is the first time we have ever taken oil spill money and given it to the president so that he can personally give it out to whichever victim he wants. that’s what my comment was about.”

She continued, “My opponent has just so brazenly and blatantly lied about what I said., so it just shows you out of the gate that these people are not telling the truth and they don’t plan to and so if they are altering how i look, coloring my teeth, it just shows you who they are and how low they’ll go.”

Bachmann added: “My teeth are white by the way just so everyone knows.”

Here’s the original photo of Bachmann, followed by the photo taken from Clark’s ad: