Bachmann slams Dems on bill she voted against


On Friday, Rep. Michele Bachmann slammed Congressional Democrats for not passing tax credits for solar and wind energy. On the Laura Ingraham Show, a conservative talk radio program, she called Democrats “strange” for not passing a bill that they actually did pass, but without Bachmann’s help.

Ingraham called Democrats the “ultimate obstructionists,” and Bachmann agreed:

BACHMANN: Oh, without a doubt, without a doubt. What we want to do is accomplish the people’s mission, which is open up every source of energy there is. They’re so strange Laura, they won’t even pass the tax credit for solar and wind right now. I mean, they claim to be the big solar/wind people, they won’t even pass that.

The Democrats did pass such a bill in the House, but without Bachmann’s help. In May, before her newfound campaign issue, she voted against it, Think Progress reports. The Renewable Energy and Job Creation Act of 2008 would provide such tax credits but has been stalled in the Senate by Republicans.