Bachmann: Only “sycophants” trust Obama now


At a small health care briefing put on by several House Republicans, Rep. Michele Bachmann argued that the president had lost momentum on health care reform because Americans didn’t trust him when he talked about it.

“What he’s trying to do is boost up the Democrats,” said Bachmann. “The people aren’t listening to him the way that they did before. They were hanging on his every word [before].”

Last week, said Bachmann, was “the first time I felt like we were going to win this thing. I sensed it when the president was in Minnesota. There were a lot of sycophants in that hall. There were not a lot of true believers in that hall.”

Republicans were winning over skeptics when they brought “reality-based medicine” into the discussion.

Bachmann, who said last week that Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) “spoke the truth” about illegal immigrants and health care, cited Wilson again when he criticized the White House’s response to the 9/12 march on Washington.

“Probably one of the best lines last week,” she said, “apart from the one that we heard on the House floor, would have been last Friday, when the press asked Robert Gibbs what the White House thought about the Tea Parties on Saturday. I thought it was fascinating. The response was, the White House wasn’t aware of any events on Saturday. And I thought, could there be a more out of touch, politically tone-deaf response than to say we have no idea more than a million people are going to come to our fair city?”

Bachmann cited Wilson again when she reported back on an encounter she had with Democrats at the Minnesota State Fair, when she got up to give a speech on a soapboax.

“The great thing is the Democratic booth was kitty-corner,” she said, “and they came over, and I was answering questions, and they were yelling ‘Liar, liar!'” It was the best town hall meeting that I’ve had.”

David Weigel is a politics reporter for the Washington Independent.

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