Bachmann hardly a fiscal conservative


So they had the rally supporting Pawlenty’s proposed amendment to stop future governors from spending as much as he spent.

Bachmann was there; she spoke and that rates a mention in the Star Tribune. But instead of reporting, we get this:

Bachmann joins rally on state spending

In St. Paul, she voiced support for a constitutional amendment to cap state spending and end “fantasy economics.”


Last update: December 7, 2009 – 10:25 PM

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann brought her fiery brand of fiscal conservatism to a State Capitol rally Monday in support of a proposed constitutional amendment to cap state spending…

Where are they finding reporters for the Strib, these days? Do the editors just pull up to the local 7-11 and hire whatever kid is working the Slurpee machine?

Bachmann’s not a fiscal conservative. She just talks like one; there’s a difference. And the difference between her actions and her words is the story here–not the fact that she spoke.

Her words are empty conservative BS, as usual. Bachmann notoriously made a pledge not seek or accept any earmarks for her district. If she’d kept that promise, that would be fiscal conservatism–because federal earmark money represents the government spending of other people’s tax dollars in her district. That’s what Bachmann is supposed to be against, as a “fiscal conservative.”

But she broke her promise not to seek or accept earmarks. And that’s not fiscal conservatism, “fiery” or otherwise. That’s called “hypocrisy”–and when a politician is hypocritical on a matter of public policy, real newspapers explain the context and the truth to its readers.

Not the Strib. They don’t see that as their job–if Bachmann tells people that she’s for fiscal responsibility at the same time she’s supporting increased deficit spending: that’s a lie that the Strib can live with, and pass on to their readers.

And let’s not get started on the Pawlenty angle that this story could have included for the readers’ benefit: the story of how TP has the nerve to propose a fiscal-restraint amendment on future governors, when he couldn’t govern that way to save his political life. He puts us all six billion in the hole, and wants to be known as the “fiscal restraint” guy!

“Reporting” is not supposed to be the same as “stenography.” The guys who write and publish the Strib should really start reading other papers, so they get some idea of what’s going on in the news these days.…