Bachmann at CD6 debate: Undocumented immigrants bring “disease and violence”


All but lost in the shuffle by her comments on Friday about “anti-American views” are Rep. Michele Bachmann’s controversial words about immigrants at last Thursday’s candidate’s debate. Speaking before a crowd of 100 at the St. Cloud public library, Bachmann sparred with DFLer Elwyn Tinklenberg and Bob Anderson, an unendorsed member of the Independence Party (the IP endorsed Tinklenberg). According to the St. Cloud Times, Bachmann again blamed programs that encourage home-buying among minority and low-income people for the current economic crisis. But Bachmann reserved her sharpest words for immigrants. She referenced an early 2008 car crash by an undocumented immigrant who hit a school bus near Cottonwood as proof of the need for stricter immigration laws.

Of immigrants unlawfully in the U.S., she added, “They’re bringing in disease and violence and every sort of difficulty. We need to protect ourselves against that.”

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