Map of the Week: Four-day school week’s hidden cost

With schools across Minnesota feeling an increasing budget pinch, several districts have opted for or considered moving to a four-day school week to save money.While it’s debatable whether or not schools see a significant savings going to four-day weeks, we know this move winds up costing most parents more in childcare costs. Over time, a significant economic and education equity narrative also emerges. A perfect example of this narrative can be found in the Sleepy Eye School District. In April, Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) Commissioner Brenda Cassellius rejected the district’s four-day request due to concerns about achievement goals, student time out-of-school, staff time, and evaluation. Cassellius also pointed to the impact of a four-day week on student nutrition, specifically regarding the free or reduced lunch program. This decision affirms the realization that implementing four-day school weeks holds ramifications beyond the classroom.This same issue has recently emerged in a more unlikely place, the Twin Cities suburbs. Continue Reading