Jogging for Jintao

by Jennifer Holder

BEIJING, CHINA—“It’s great.” “It’s terrible.” “I love it.” “I hate it.” “It’s good for the body.” “I’d rather play basketball or study.” “It’s affecting my appetite—I can’t eat after.” “It’s affecting my appetite—I eat a lot after.”

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Cell phone use 101

by Paul Dosh, 8/1/08 • If, you have the personal numbers of several of Ecuador’s highest-ranking elected officials in your cell phone’s directory,

And if, you have a curious two-year-old in the house who likes to push buttons,

Then, you should keep the cell phone key-locked,

To avoid embarrassment.

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Seeing Guayasamin

by Paul Dosh, 8/1/08 • This morning, Andrea, Araminta, James and I went to the museum of Oswaldo Guayasamin, the most famous Ecuadorian painter who was named the official painter of Ibero America.

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Interviews with social movements and the Constitutional Assembly

by Paul and Nicole, 8/1/08 • It’s hard to believe it’s already August and we only have one week of fieldwork left! In 10 days, we’ll be flying away from the Andes, getting ready for Fall semester at Macalester (and the Republican National Convention!) and squeezing the last drops out of summer. But before then–there’s still so much work left to be done! I’m confident about getting all our fieldwork done. The challenge for me is all the other professional work I need done before we return.

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Anatomy of a fledgling service project

by Paul Dosh, 7/17/08 • World Views • Saludos from Quito, Ecuador, where Nicole and I are getting ready for the arrival of Andrea and Araminta tonight, and for the arrival of Jesùs and Jaime tomorrow morning. It’s been a day of chores, including grocery shopping and renting the 3-bedroom apartment where we’ll live for the next 4 weeks. We are excited to COOK, after a month of mostly eating in restaurants.

This is Nicole’s first time in Ecuador, but I lived here in 2002 and worked here in 2005, so it’s fun for me to be walking familiar streets again. Continue Reading

Bolivia reflections

by Nicole, 7/17/08 • We may be here in Quito, but that doesn’t mean that Bolivia is far from our minds. Quite the contrary; we spent much of this morning discussing the development of this research project and our work in La Paz/El Alto. The complexity of the relationship between social movements, grassroots organizations, female community leaders, discrimination, and the struggle for natural resources is evident in Bolivia, as it probably will be in Ecuador as well. How to process all that we’ve learned and begin to understand these complexities as we continue forward with this project? Continue Reading

Interview with a vampire

by Paul, 7/3/08 • Virtually every day, one or more of our interview subjects postpones or just doesn’t show (despite the standard 2-3 confirmation phone calls that precede each interview). Usually, their excuses for bailing are lame, but today we had a good one.

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Revolution and entrapment

by Nicole, 7/1/08 • After a not-so-restful week in Sucre, we are back to work in La Paz/El Alto! James Lerager, a documentary photographer from California, joined us at Mujeres Creando on Sunday. In addition to writing an academic article based on our research, we will be doing portraits of several women leaders in El Alto (and Quito) for a web photo essay online (

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