FREE SPEECH ZONE | Ruling in favor of Anita Reyes late yesterday – Eviction order has been stayed because of illegal eviction procedure

RULING IN FAVOR OF ANITA REYES LATE YESTERDAY – EVICTION ORDER HAS BEEN STAYED BECAUSE EVICTION PROCEDURE DEEMED ILLEGAL.   ANITA SLEPT IN HER HOME OF 17 YEARS LAST NIGHT AFTER BANK TRIED UNSUCCESSFULLY MOVING HER BELONGINGS INTO STORAGE. NOW THEY HAVE TO MOVE HER BACK IN.Free Speech ZoneThe Free Speech Zone offers a space for contributions from readers, without editing by the TC Daily Planet. This is an open forum for articles that otherwise might not find a place for publication, including news articles, opinion columns, announcements and even a few press releases. The opinions expressed in the Free Speech Zone and Neighborhood Notes, as well as the opinions of bloggers, are their own and not necessarily the opinion of the TC Daily Planet. Recent background and chronology:  On Tue Oct 16, Anita was awakened in the morning by three troopers from Hennepin County who arrived to evict her.  Woodlands National Bank president Ken Villebro appeared, along with Minneapolis Woodlands branch manager Joanne Whiterabbit.  The bank brought in tow a realty firm contractor, locksmith, moving packers and a moving company.  By late afternoon, after some seven hours of packing and removing Anita’s possessions, Woodlands then summoned the police, complaining that Anita’s friends and supporters were interfering with the eviction.  The police left after talking with both parties, apparently deciding the bank’s complaint was unfounded.  A valuable piece of furniture had been damaged, and movers tried to prevent photo documentation of the damage, and a physical assault case is now underway, also related to the bank’s unsuccessful eviction attempt.  The bank boarded up the house by mid afternoon; and by day’s end, with the eviction ruled illegal, Anita was able to take down the boards and sleep in her home again. Anita has a hearing Friday morning, followed by another at the end of November.  To  see more the the back story, please visit the petition page listed in this article, tagged with a video document.  Also a facebook page has been created that provides updates at Occupy Woodlands National Bank – Minneapolis, on Facebook, To view or sign the petition please visit: Continue Reading

FREE SPEECH ZONE | Anita Reyes Delivers “Community Lease” to Bank

After six weeks of public pressure and neighborhood efforts to keep her in her house, Anita Reyes is still facing eviction despite her ability to pay a readjusted mortgage. Woodlands National Bank responded to the efforts of her neighbors, …Occupy Homes and City Council member Gary Schiff to keep her in her home with a condescending lease making clear they could evict her at any time. In response, Reyes, neighbors, and supporters have prepared “a people’s lease,” based on terms that are acceptable to the community. They will deliver it to the bank on Wednesday.”The bank’s lease is ridiculous,” stated Nick Shillingford, who lives three blocks south of Reyes. “We want a deal that keeps our neighbor in her house, and keeps our community strong.”For weeks, Shillingford and other supporters and neighbors have been fixing up the house in preparation for a good-faith negotiation that would keep Reyes in her home.Anita’s struggle is emblematic of the housing crisis that is ravaging the American Indian community, which has been among the hardest hit by the foreclosure crisis. Continue Reading

FREE SPEECH ZONE| 14,500 people in 24 hours sign petition for Ojibwe Woman Protecting her Home from Foreclosure by Commercial Bank owned by her Tribe

Anita’s story from petition:My name is Anita Reyes-LeRey and this is the story of my Trail of Tears. It may not be the same distance, but it’s the same heartache.On Tuesday, June 19th, the sheriff posted a 24-hour eviction notice on the front door I have come home to for the last 17 years. I am not leaving. I have nowhere to go. I am standing up for myself, my family and community.All that I am asking is for Woodlands National Bank to sit down and negotiate with me, so I can stay in my community. Continue Reading