Retail janitors strike at downtown Target

Non-union retail janitors who clean Target stores as well as Kohl’s, Kmart, Sears and Home Depot called a 48-hour strike on June 10, demanding that the subcontractors for whom they work let them unionize.Striking janitors picketed today in front of Target’s flagship Downtown Minneapolis store. (Photo by Trang Do)Members of the local labor group Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha organized the workers. Since only a couple retail janitors work at every store, it’s difficult for traditional unions, like the one that represents commercial office building janitors in Minneapolis, to organize them. CTUL’s model of leadership development better fits the needs of the workers. (Photo by Trang Do)Commercial office building janitors are represented by SEIU Local 26. They earn $13.92 per hour to start, with benefits. Continue Reading

Minneapolis Tattoo Arts Convention: Ink it in

Body modification and ink artists, entertainers, spectators, and those looking for tattoo inspiration converged at the Hyatt in Minneapolis over the January 13-15 weekend for the Minneapolis Tattoo Arts Convention. Many showed off elaborate body ink work during contests, testament both to the skill of the artists and the visions of the wearers. Local tattoo artists along with others from around the country inked eager clients in a very social workshop environment. In addition, workshops were held for artists to share their knowledge as well as for those curious to the trade to learn more about history, technique and maintenance of these permanent body adornments.

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FREE SPEECH ZONE | CTUL and community organize the Festival for Justice

Cut pay, increased work load and loss of benefits are what many workers in our community are facing. On a more extreme but not uncommon level across the country, some workers experience wage theft, little attention to on-the-job safety hazards and forced labor. Labor justice is a growing movement within our communities.

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Behind the scenes as Circus Juventas rehearses “Grimm—Happily Ever After!”

On July 28th, Circus Juventas, the largest youth circus school in North America, will present their new production: Grimm—Happily Ever After! Through acrobatics and breathtaking aerial acts on swinging ropes and hoops and flying trapeze, 80 advanced level students will weave together magic and enchantment to perform tales based upon the stories of the Grimm Brothers: Cinderella; Hansel and Gretel; Snow White; Little Red Riding Hood; Rapunzel; and the Frog Prince.

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On Lake Street, Mexican-Minnesotan community celebrates the bicentennial of Mexican independence

On Sunday, September 12, Lake Street hosted a celebration of the bicentennial anniversary of Mexican independence from Spain. Mexican-born Spaniards, Mestizos, and Amerindians who sought independence from Spain led the Mexican War of Independence. The struggle was against Spanish colonial government, a struggle to eliminate the conquistadors’ oppression. 

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St. Paul’s University Avenue community unites with parade and Hmong arts festival

The University Community Parade took place in St. Paul on August 21 to show community unity as Central Corridor plans move forward. While the development of the light rail line promises to bring growth along the corridor, many participants in the University Community Parade were concerned that the development will cause gentrification, raise property taxes and rent, and will displace the existing businesses and community. 

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