Minnesota Opera’s “Lucia di Lammermoor” at the Ordway Center for Performing Arts: Melodrama at its finest

There’s a time-tested, audience-approved recipe for opera. In some cases, it’s funny, in others, it’s heart-wrenching; Lucia di Lammermoor falls into the latter category. Melodrama with a healthy dose of romance, a dash of foreboding, and a heaping spoonful of tragedy are the perfect recipe for tragic opera. However, there’s a secret ingredient that, unless added, will cause even the most-well constructed show to fail: talent. And boy, does Lucia di Lammermoor have talent. Continue Reading

MUSIC | The Current’s 7th Birthday Party at First Avenue: Saturday night

Seven years ago, it looked like 89.3 The Current was about to become the little radio station that could. With the dawn of 2012, it’s clear that The Current has become a veritable powerhouse in the Twin Cities music scene. By releasing coveted tickets to MPR members before the general public, it’s a wonder that there are still fans that haven’t yet joined the ever-growing flock of individuals contributing to public radio in efforts to gain (or attempt to) access what have become member-exclusive shows. No exception to this members-only phenomenon, The Current’s 7th Birthday Party sold out in a matter of minutes—even with the two-night split between eight treasured local acts. Finding a ticket to either show became a game of visiting The Depot and begging for a ticket (usually to no avail) or taking chances with Craigslist sellers who often resell tickets at exorbitant prices. And while there are a few kind-and-fair-hearted sellers willing to resell their tickets at face-value (“It’s public radio! Why would I want to make a profit?”), it’s clear that snagging entry to this birthday party was like winning a Golden Ticket.

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MUSIC | Megafaun at the Cedar Cultural Center: A mega-fun time

Smoke hung low amongst the packed gathering of twenty-somethings donning off-brand hoodies and hiking boots. Megafaun huddled in a semi-circle near the front of the stage as the crowd crooned at the band, “Come on ease your worried mind.” And while it sounds strange that an audience might perform for a band, the evening had subtly progressed into true collaboration between the musicians and the swaying crowd.

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