COMMUNITY VOICES | Please do not assume before you know exactly.

When it comes to black people, if someone asked me, “How do you think of them?” I might not say positive opinions. This is because actually I didn’t have any friend who is black before I was told this question.Watching movies is one of my favorite hobbies, so through some movies I had an unintended misunderstanding about them. The reason why I had this stereotype came from my misconception was that in most movies, they looked dangerous and implicated others in trouble by some bad things, such as drugs, criminal behavior, murder or something like that. However, it was really stupid idea made by immature thinking not until that I had an experience.One day, I played soccer with my foreign classmates without shoes on a lawn area. When I had difficulty in breathing for chasing a ball, suddenly I felt something strange, and it was first time when my left big toe told me something, “Dduk.” Oh my God! Continue Reading