Secrets of the city: Transgender hair artists in Minneapolis

East Lake Street thrives as the epicenter of Latino culture in Minneapolis. Represented through business specializing in quinceañera parties, pupusas, panaderias and botanica stores showcasing devotional articles around the idea of death as a Saint, la Santa Muerte, this orderly cacophony of language, nationality and culture stretches eighteen blocks. Inside this cultural mosaic nevertheless shines a group of stars: East Lake Street’s Latina transgender hair artists are its best-kept secret, a group of hardworking women navigating the complicated and often oppressive social fabric of a famously diverse area.Several Minneapolis summers ago, a friend recommended a hair salon located on East Lake Street. Feeling nostalgic about my home country, Mexico, I decided to try it. Who knew whether one superbly executed cut was the needed final touch to heal my wounded self-esteem? Continue Reading