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Proclaimed the 2010 word of the year by the American Dialect Society, the term “app” has become a recent addition to our everyday lingo. “App,” short for “application,” refers to a computer program specifically designed to run on smartphones including the iPhone and Android.

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“Fresh” documentary screening highlights viewers’ power to “vote with their forks”

“Americans fear only one thing: inconvenience.” This thought begins the 2009 documentary Fresh, a film shown Friday night at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in South Minneapolis that explores the consequences of our industrial agriculture food system. Approximately 75 people gathered in this light brick building on Lyndale Avenue to view and discuss how our choice as a nation to make what we eat easier, faster, and cheaper has led us to record levels of obesity, environmental pollution and food-borne illnesses and safety recalls. It was another chance for Twin Cities audiences to see this movie—previous viewings included events at the Riverview Theater and a visit by director/producer Ana Sophia Joanes in 2010. Continue Reading